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Ziro is the world's first wireless modular robotics kit that is designed for simplifying the process of making and programing different types of robot. Ziro, as a developer tool, follows a software first approach towards building robot without being constraint towards a monolithic robotic structure. Developer can use platforms such as Unity, Unreal, HTML etc to make games/application with Ziro.

These resources enlists how developers can leverage the communication protocols to make different types of applications that can communicate to the Ziro motor modules and effectively control their robotic creations. Using scripts in .cs , .js developers can create UDP and WS channels to the robot. Once the communication pipeline is established, they can write any application on top of it to enable novel mobile-based interactions.


We will introduce Ziro scripts that will facilitate UDP communication to the motor modules. These scripts, supported by examples, can be attached to the main scene / object to enable data packets to be sent to the Ziro motor modules. Once the core communication is established, developers can write their own applications and attach it to the game object(s).